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EJ Podcast #014 with Ruth Thomas-Suh Director of “Reject”

Below is the next “Scratch the Surface” EJ Podcast #014.

EJ has as his guest today Ruth Thomas-Suh who directed the documentary, “REJECT.”

EJ says: 

I saw the documentary last year at a film festival and was instantly drawn to it and the idea of “Rejection” and how that affects kids and even adults. I kept in contact with Ruth and asked her on my podcast to further talk about making the movie and its challenges, what made her want to make it, her inspiration from her father who was a psycologist in a prison, how are kids are being affected, “bullicide” (bullying that leads to suicide) and a lot more. And I include a podcast with my childhood best friend, Steven, who was teased and bullied quite a bit for most of his childhood, how he dealt with it and where he is now. Its a pretty powerful and sometimes intense discussion, sprinkled with lighter moments. 

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EJ with Ruth Thomas-Suh

Listen and Enjoy.

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