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EJ Podcast #034 with Tatia Pilieva

Here’s another Scratch the Surface” EJ Podcast #034. EJ has as his guest today Tatia Pilieva who has a video called, “First Kiss” that has gone viral on the internet.

Tatia Pilieva may not yet be a house hold name but her viral video “First Kiss” probably is. It has over 85 million views in just 3 months.


EJ talks with Tatia about:

  • how that idea of getting 20 strangers to kiss each other on camera came from,
  • whats next for her,
  • what her first kiss with her husband was like,
  • filming an independant movie called FOREVER with Deborah Ann Woll and Luke Grimes for the Art of Elysium,
  • her birth place the Republic of Georgia (its a country),
  • living in New York City,
  • being a hopeless romantic and so much more!!

Listen and Enjoy.

Below is Tatia’s viral video “First Kiss” where they ask 20 strangers to kiss for the very first time.

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