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EJ Podcast: Howard Stern Roundtable

Below is a new “Scratch the Surface” EJ Podcast. This is EJ’s first roundtable discussion and the topic is The HOWARD STERN SHOW!! Join EJ and 3 other Stern lovers.

Keith was an intern for the E! Show in the 90’s and has become friendly with Stuttering John, Liz writes a Stern blog and Dario discovered Stern when he moved to the USA from Bosnia and had some awkward encounters with KC Armstrong.

Topics discussed include where is Howard TV, why is Robin not in the studio again, wack packers, our love and worry for Artie Lange, the Benjy vortex and why he does what he does, is Richard an alcoholic and so much more! It was a really fun time and we hope you will also enjoy it.

BABABOOEY to y’all!!!

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EJ Scott with Stern Group

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