EJ Scott Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

My brother, Kevin, issued the ice bucket challenge to me. At the time I never heard of it and didn’t know what it was or understand. Upon researching I learned what was going on and what it was for and how it helped ALS. I donated to the cause and decided to pour the water over my head anyway.

I mention my own illness, Choroideremia a disease that’s causing me to go blind, as well as my cousins husband’s PLS disease (some similarities to ALS). I don’t challenge anyone directly to do the ice bucket challenge. I do mention the website and presume people will donate if they recognize the importance of the donation and if they can afford it.

I do offer a challenge to the blind community as a whole to speak up more about blindness and try to think of creative ideas such as the ice bucket challenge to help raise awareness and money for the cause. So there you go. Enjoy.

You can donate to help fight ALS at

Please also consider giving to EJ’s charity, The Choroideremia Foundation by donating using the button below: