Before EJ Scott’s run in the Chicago Marathon, he posted the following: I’m dedicating my next race (tomorrow) to Dylan David Smith. He is 7 days old and his mom is a CHM carrier! Wish me luck, kid!

And, also before the race, EJ held another fundraiser at Improv Olympics.  The event took place at the Playground theater in Chicago as a benefit comedy show w/ 3033, Peter Gwinn, Brendan Jennings, Lisa linke, Sara Gee and EJ.

EJ Scott ran his 10th Marathon in Chicago, Illinois on October 7, 2012. He finished at 2:16:03 pm, was number 448, FINISH, Elapsed Time: 06:55:32, Pace: 19:38 (UNOFFICIAL).

When EJ runs blindfolded, he needs a guide to go along with him. Below is a photo of EJ before the race with his guide Mick, who ran with him.

 And here’s a photo of his medal from the race:

EJ Scott was interviewed on CBS Chicago this morning at 5:30am. Below is a photo of EJ right after he was interviewed by the CBS Chicago staff and a video of the interview.

Read more about the marathon here:



Please consider giving to EJ’s charity, The Choroideremia Foundation by donating using the button below:

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