EJ is Officer Scott in Daredevil 11 Comic

EJ Scott is highlighted in Marvel’s new comic book Daredevil 11, as Officer Scott. 

The description of the comic is given as:

THE CREEPIEST DD STORY OF THE CENTURY, “DARK ARTS” CONTINUES! A serial killer who turns his victims into works of art is on the loose. Can DAREDEVIL and BLINDSPOT stop him before he reveals his next “masterpiece”?

daredevil 11
Artwork by Ron Garney,


EJ writes:

Over a year ago the great Joe Quesada said he would make me a character in a Daredevil book with artwork by Ron Garney for my 40th birthday. Well it’s on stands now!! Daredevil #11! Sweet!!! Thanks Joe Quesada and Charles Soule!

I’m Officer Scott. My retired officer dad would be so proud. Marion Scott


See additional photos below:

Watch a review of the new comic here:


  1. That’s awesome, Ej, so happy for you. Also saw your picture with the Defenders at NYCC, that must’ve been so cool. Getting to see Charlie and Mike again and presumably meeting Finn and Krysten for the first time.

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