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EJ Podcast #030 with Tim Bagley

Below is another “Scratch the Surface” EJ Podcast #030.

EJ has as his guest today Tim Bagley who is maybe most recognizable from “This is 40,” “Knocked Up,” “Web Therapy” and “Will and Grace.”

EJ gets Tim to open up about his life and career and they have a really hilarious and intense talk about

  • growing up in Wisconsin and Michigan,
  • being gay and trying to convert to straight through classes and programs,
  • losing his partner of 10 years to an HIV related illness,
  • growing up one of 5 kids to a Republican father and a therapist mother,
  • dating and having relations with women,
  • his mother’s review of 12 Years a Slave,
  • online dating,
  • The Groundlings,
  • being a butler at the Playboy Mansion and who ordered enemas and douches to their room (yup),
  • being a phone service operator to two pimps,
  • finding out he was in the most dangerous shot director Roland Emmerich had ever shot,
  • working with gay and lesbian teens that have been kicked out of their homes,
  • OCD,
  • Jim Carrey,
  • Will Ferrell
  • and tons more!!

Plus a special surprise appearance by EJ’s girlfriend, Deborah Ann Woll.

EJ says:

Tim was especially open with me and honest. Im very appreciative to him for that. Alot of really important things were talked about and alot of silly things. I had a great time talking with him and hope you enjoy listening just as much.



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