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EJ Podcast #080 – “Dead of July”

Below is the next “Scratch the Surface” EJ Podcast. EJ has a special podcast today a listening of a play by his friend Matthew Scott Montgomery “Dead of July.” 

Dead of July cast with EJ: (left to right) Kat Canipe, Devin Kelley, Brian Dare, Matthew Scott Montgomery

“Dead of July” is hard to categorize. Part comedy, part thriller, part love story, part horror movie. Inspired by RL Stine’s books “Fear Street” books, Matthew Scott Mongomery wrote this play very quickly after having a bad day. He staged a reading last year in Los Angeles and I was there. Matthew’s a friend of mine and I thought this would make a fun audio play. Silly, creepy, lovely, funny. Dead of July is a good thing to include with your summer cocktail and bbq. The cast is Matthew Scott Mongomery, Devin Kelley, Brian Dare, Kat Canipe.


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