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EJ Scott says: “I did it!” The 12th Marathon of 12 in 2012

EJ Scott: celebration dinner last night at my favorite chef’s restaurant.

I did it! Little did I know when I first came up with running 12 marathons in 12 states in 2012 blindfolded how difficult it would be. It sounded hard and doing it was so much harder than I ever thought it would be.

My final race here in Vegas (I’m still here) was on Saturday, December 2, 2012. It didn’t start until 3:00 pm. The sunset was set for about 4:30 pm. It had been overcast much of the weekend so I figured I could take the blindfold off early. I ended up taking the blindfold off about mile 7.5. I ran the rest of the way with my guide close by but without much contact with him. It was tricky and dangerous at times. I bumped and ran into several different people through the race and to them I apologize, except for the jerk that ran across the course. What were u thinking pal?

I tripped over a couple of curbs but I never fell. Didn’t get hurt either. I’m a little sore right now but I have felt far far worse.

It was maybe my windiest race of the year. The temperatures were great but running into the wind felt futile.

But I did it. And I ended it with my best time of the year. 4:55:20. I credit a flat course and only one pee break and no minimum blindfold for it.

Photos of me before the race (left) and Me and Deb after the race (right).


My brother and his fiancée held a fundraiser in Long Island the same day as my race. Because of that fundraiser we are over the $100,000 mark. I’m still looking to get to $144,000 by January 1st so please keep giving. I think we can get really close. 

All your help and support means so much to me and my family. I appreciate everybody’s help. Thank you. 

There’s still time to help EJ reach his 2012 goal by giving now to The Choroideremia Foundation by using the donate button below:

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