Video of EJ Scott’s Marathon #2 in Austin Texas – February 19, 2012

This video includes Marathon #2 in Austin, TX completed February 19, 2012. The video includes my family, Marion Scott, Kevin Scott, Kathleen Malaspina, Ryan Carney, Maureen Fox and my sister, who doesn’t like being tagged in things.

Austin Texas

Originally, my cousin, Ryan was supposed to run it with me alone, but he hurt his foot. Luckily, my cousin, Kathleen lives in Austin and was running the first half marathon. She ran the first 11 miles with me, then Ryans girlfriend, Maureen, ran the next 11 miles and Ryan ran the last 4 with me. My first and only time I had changing guides. You will also meet my family.

I am going blind from an eye disease called Choroideremia. My grandfather went blind from it, my brothers got it and my nephews got it. Because of the disease, I am running 12 marathons to raise money for a treatment. Not just for me but for everyone that has Choroideremia. I’ve been told by doctors that sunlight will make me go blind faster, so I have to run blindfolded to protect what I have. My eyes are also now very sensitive to the sunlight.

Please follow my progress. I will be releasing footage each week leading up to my final run in Las Vegas in December. Please donate if you can also.

Here’s how far I have gotten towards my goal after this second marathon.

Austin Texas

Please help me to meet my goal of $144,000.00 in 2012 by donating. You can do so by clicking on the button below:

EJ Scott

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