Videos from EJ Scott’s Marathons No.10 Chicago and No.11 New York City

EJ Scott has completed all twelve marathons he said he would in 2012, and now is the time to reflect on the last few races.  Below are videos of Chicago and New York City.


Marathon #10 of 12 in 2012 – Chicago

EJ says “WATCH this new video of my CHICAGO race from October. I think I’m pretty close to my financial goal for the year. Just looking for a final push. Please help. Thanks!!!


Marathon #11 of 12 in 2012 – New York City

EJ says “Heres new footage of my NEW YORK CITY marathon Run Anyway NYC Marathon 2012. Very close to my goal now. Please WATCH, SHARE, GIVE (at least 2 out of 3 of these). thank you!!!

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