A New EJ Scott Raffle4Charity – True Blood Season 4 DVD

Get  a signed Season 4 True Blood DVD which EJ Scott is offering to the fans. It is still in great condition and includes lots of  True Blood cast member signatures. EJ’s girlfriend, Deborah Ann Woll brought the DVD to a True Blood table reading and get many cast signatures. Its a fantastic item, and the discs have never been watched.

IMG_9383-51d1b51d075d2 Signed True Blood Season 4 DVD.

The signatures included are:

  • STEPHEN MOYER (Bill Compton)
  • DEBORAH ANN WOLL (Jessica Hamby)
  • KRISTIN BAUER van STRATEN (Pam De Beaufort)
  • NELSAN ELLIS (Lafayette Reynolds)
  • CHRIS BAUER (Andy Bellefleur)
  • SAM TRAMMELL (Sam Merlotte)
  • LAUREN BOWLES (Holly Cleary)
  • ROB KAZINSKY (Ben Flynn)
  • MICHAEL MCMILLIAN (Rev. Steve Newlin)
  • JOE MANGANIELLO (Alcide Herveaux)
  • LUCY GRIFFITHS (Nora Gainesborough)

EJ talks about how you can win this fabulous prize for as little as $10 below:

For every $10 given at any time, will count as one entry in to a random drawing for the winner. The winner will be chosen by me and/or Deborah on video. We will write each entry onto a piece of paper or a ticket, put in a bowl or a hat or something. Mix it up and pick randomly. I will contact the winner on here after the drawing to receive their address. We will ship anywhere in the world. The shipping is on us. I will package it as best as I can. There are no refunds or exchanges. We will pick our winner and announce it on the first of AUGUST (August 1, 2013).

The money raised is going to the Choroideremia Research Foundation. Choroideremia is a genetic and degenerative eye disease that attacks the peripheral vision and erodes it over time and will cause eventual blindness. I am legally blind now. I have about 10-15 degrees centrally of vision left. My grandfather went blind in his 40’s. I am 37 right now and am looking for a cure or treatment. Not only for myself but for my brother (27) and 2 nephews (8 and 4) who also have the disease. My sister, mother and aunt are all carriers. This pattern will continue for future generations unless something is done to stop it.

Please visit the CRF website for more info Deborah has said she will match whatever is raised on here until the winner is drawn. So your $10 entry will send $20 to the foundation. (minus whatever fees Crowdrise takes).

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