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Support “Cooling off for CHM” during Summer 2018!

Support “Cooling off for CHM” for the summer of 2018! This summer EJ’s family is running a special summer fundraiser to raise money to cure CHM! It’s called Cooling Off for CHM! CHM has no cure or treatment at the moment, but we want that to change!

Cooling off for CHM

Please join the family’s fundraiser “Cooling off for CHM” and spread the word about CHM (Choroideremia).

Let’s have some fun and cure blindness all at the same time. Please go to and donate to “Cooling Off for CHM”. Here’s the yourself and/or family cooling off this summer (have fun with it.. sprinklers, slip-n-slide, rivers, bathtub, lake…you get the idea). Post your video online, then donate to “Cooling off for CHM”, Remember to challenge 3 friends to cool off for CHM. Have fun and let’s get a little crazy. cooling-off-for-chm

Watch the family video below:

EJ has also recorded his own personal plea for you to give:

Please help to save their sight. EJ and his family are challenging you to….

  1. Record yourself cooling off this summer (be creative)
  2. Post your video online to ALL social media outlets that you subscribe to, (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter YouTube, etc) and challenge 3 friends to cool off for CHM.
  3. DON’T FORGET TO DONATE at the Gofundme page using the words, “Cooling off for CHM”.
Every dime received will go directly to finding treatment and/or a cure. Thank you for helping us make a difference! We couldn’t do it without you.

CHM is progressive, so we are all feeling an overwhelming sense of urgency to find a cure or treatment. Time is running out for CHM’ers, we thank you for your help! To learn more about CHM go to CURECHM.ORG.