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EJ Podcast #035 – True Blood’s Rutina Wesley

Below is the next “Scratch the Surface” EJ Podcast. EJ has as his guest today True Blood’s Rutina Wesley.

***Spoiler Alert*** – Do not listen to this podcast unless you have already seen the first episode of True Blood Season 7. You have been warned!



Rutina Wesley is best known as playing Tara Thornton on HBO’s True Blood since 2008.

Ej and Rutina talk about:

  • her rise to the public spotlight,
  • auditioning for True Blood,
  • the advice Alan Ball gave her at the audition,
  • what she has learned about herself from playing Tara,
  • going to Julliard in New York City,
  • meeting True Blood co-star Nelsan Ellis at Julliard,
  • growing up in Las Vegas with performing parents,
  • seeing her dad dance on Star Search when she was 6 years old,
  • working with Patricia Clarkson, Julianne Moore, and Bill Nighy,
  • how she would love to be Julia Roberts in Notting Hill (acting wise)
  • a new film she did “13 Sins,”
  • going to college in Indiana and being the only black girl at the school, and being close to a popular KKK town,
  • her recent divorce,
  • the first episode of True Blood season 7


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    Rutina can’t say that Tara is alive…. Tara killed that vampire, glamorized her mother and now is looking for Pam

  2. i don’t believe she is dead either. i also believe that Pam should of felt her to if she died, because she is her maker. We love you Tara

  3. Hey EJ…in which interview do you surprise DAW with your plans for your 40th year. I want to hear that. I’m 39!!!

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