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EJ Podcast #037 with True Blood’s Stephen Moyer

Below is the next “Scratch the Surface” EJ Podcast. EJ has as his guest today True Blood’s Stephen Moyer.

Stephen Moyer is best known as playing Bill Compton, the 100+ year old vampire who ages gracefully on HBO’s True Blood since 2008.


Ej and Stephen talk about:

  • Stephen’s kids,
  • the origin of his stage name
  • what his birth name originally was,
  • he tells a great sweet story about a mentor of his and when he found out about his passing,
  • why he had the nickname “Dick” as a youth,
  • Deborah Ann Woll joins us to talk about the Bill and Jessica relationship and much more!!


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  1. Heh EJ,
    Brilliant interview. Congratulations.
    Been following the Moya for a life time and wow that was some interview.
    Thanks so very much to Steve/Jimmy/Dick for sharing so much and to Deb for her insights into the beautiful father / daughter relationship.
    I really hope that there is a part 2 and can’t wait to hear it.
    And a big thanks to you for providing such a great podcast. Rocking it.

    Awesome. #TrueToTheEnd

  2. Dear Stephen ,
    We often forget that our favorite actors and actress are just people. I really enjoyed this “interview with a vamp” !
    It’s great just hearing you tell stories of your youth because it makes you human . I grew up a lot like yourself in many ways ( am just a little older than yourself ) we stayed out till dark we all had nicknames and great parents! Mine parents also divorced after 25 years , go figure! My brother is known for dropping his pants and most people knew him more from his ass not his face lol. I have made some wonderful friends from all over the world online and have met a few in person after being friends for years on here . One great friend is from England and I will never forget , we took him out to eat and after he finished eating he stood up and said am going out for a fag ! Lord I laughed so hard I really think I peed my pants . I knew what a fag was but most didn’t . My you be bless with many memories . Good luck with your children and Anna . You and Anna seem like a wonderful couple and wonderful HUMAN BEINGS.

  3. Deborah,
    What a stunning young lady! I have so enjoyed watching you lots! I love the fact you support your honey and help draw attention to his medial condition . My oldest daughter has really bad eye site in which she will have to have a cornea transplant at some point in her life . My god bless you and E.J. And they find someone to help him .

  4. Such a fantastic interview, Thank you EJ and thanks to Stephen Moyer for taking the time to give us this awesome podcast, i loved every minute of it, really have my fingers crossed for a part two x

  5. What a delightful podcast! Stephen Moyer (aka James Stephen Emery) is full of great stories and memories that he is very willing to share. I was deeply touched by his memories of becoming friends with his mentor, a 73 year old man who taught him so much about music, and life.

    As Stephen admitted, he is verbose, and how lucky are we that he is!

    His discussion with DAW was so much fun. I loved hearing about their characters and their experiences playing together on TB.

    Thanks for this! Listening was completely enjoyable!

  6. I love hearing from Steven, but candidly, he was kinda a bore. Yes, he told a few insightful stories, especially loving ones about his children. That said, ugh, he went on and coming across as having a dash of self-importance. Then, on some subjects he lost me.

    Not crazy about the accent stemming from, his dear heritage. I think he should drop the accent in film and TV, so he can appeal to a wide cross-section of society.

    Please Steven don’t do terrible movies like “The Caller” again. You ARE an A list actor, please choose better roles.

    Kudos to the fantastic job you did on Sound of Music. Loved it!

    My favorite character of all time is, Bill Compton. you are the glue that holds together true Blood along with the actors that play Jessica, Lala, eric, pam and, Sookie, of course. congratulations on being the number one vamp!

    during the podcast ,I wished you talked about Sookie and Bill and your real lives together a tad.what is interesting is your chemistry on and off screen. people eat that stuff up

    like the podcasts EJ Scott, great format. I’m glad Deborah a, k, a Jessica joined to make the show fun.

    Finally,. I think Steven should return for part 2 to discuss how the season ended!, right?

  7. EJ, have listened to your interview with Stephen, twice now:) Just lovely… Thoroughly enjoyed it:) LOVED hearing all of Stephen’s remembrances of childhood, teenage pranks and his mentor. And all his funny little insights to life with Anna & the kiddies. What a blessed little family they are:) We are so lucky that the actor we love, is also a Super Man in his off screen life. No disappointments here:) and your beautiful girlfriend Debirah was a special addition to the interview. She and Stephen have a wonderful rapport as actors:) Loved her being there and sharing, as well. Thank you very much, EJ! Please give us Part 2. We True Bill/Stephen fans can never get enough! My Best to you & yours. xo

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