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EJ Podcast #048 with True Blood’s Ashley Hinshaw

Below is the next “Scratch the Surface” EJ Podcast. EJ has as his guest today True Blood’s Bridget, Ashley Hinshaw


Ej and Ashley talk about:

  • her growing up in Indiana,
  • leaving home to move to New York at age 16 to model for Abercombie and Fitch,
  • meeting and dating boyfrind Topher Grace from That 70’s Show,
  • working with Heather Graham and kissing her in a film,
  • finding some scandalous pics of her mom on her mom’s iphone and how she will never look at grapes the same way,
  • doing the film LOL with Miley Cyrus,
  • being part of a film TALHOTBLOND based on a true story of an internet connection that lead to murder,
  • Lilli Taylor,
  • working on Chronicle with Josh Trank, Dane DeHaan, Michael B Jordan,
  • her early brief of being a virgin until marriage and
  • when that thinking changed,
  • losing her cousin to Melanoma and what that meant to her,
  • and so much more!


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