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EJ Podcast #051 with Brian Buckner

Below is the next “Scratch the Surface” EJ Podcast. EJ has as his guest today True Blood’s Showrunner, Brian Buckner.


Brian Buckner’s Assistant and Associate Producer Khadija Brockington,
EJ Scott and Brian Buckner

Brian “Bucky” Buckner has been a writer on HBO’s True Blood since the show began and served as show runner for almost the last two seasons.

Ej and Brian talk about:

  • The writer’s room,
  • getting hired and working with Alan Ball,
  • the transition after Alan left,
  • the ups and downs of being in charge and the decision maker,
  • the sacrifices that must be made,
  • he also worked on Spin City,
  • where he was nicknamed Bucky,
  • working on Friends, his brief stint as an actor,
  • his parents divorce,
  • and other family issues,
  • plus the final season of True Blood.

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1 Comment

  1. Sookie and Eric were never a viable couple? He and the writers are even dumber than I thought. The Bill flashbacks were the worst part of all 7 seasons.

    Your podcasts are great to listen to, EJ, but yikes, this one was horrible to sit through, just because of Buckner. Way to turn a show about celebrating what makes you different into crap about having a husband and a baby.

    Spent more time talking about Sookie’s faceless nobody husband than Eric/Pam’s relationship which is one of the most important? ARGH.

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