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EJ Podcast #055 with Opus Moreschi of the Colbert Report

Below is the next “Scratch the Surface” EJ Podcast. EJ has as his guest today Opus Moreschi.


Opus Moreschi is a multi Emmy Award winning writer for The Colbert Report.


EJ sits down with Opus at his apartment in Brooklyn where they talk about:

  • his younger life where he and his family lived in different places around the world,
  • the divorce of his parents,
  • developing a sense of humor to help deter bullies,
  • the origin of his nickname “Opus” which became permanent,
  • improv and sketch writing in Boston,
  • his luck with the ladies,
  • how he got a writing job on The Colbert Report
  • and how that paved the way for him to become Head Writer,
  • his past jobs with Craig Kilborn, Tom Green, and David Koechner,
  • how he will be going with Colbert to CBS replacing Letterman,
  • what its like to win an Emmy or 3,
  • and so much more!!!


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