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EJ Podcast #057 with Chicago Improv Artist Susan Messing

Below is the next “Scratch the Surface” EJ Podcast. EJ has as his guest today Susan Messing.


Susan Messing is a woman I only heard about for years while I was hanging out in the Los Angeles improv scene. She’s a Chicago Improv Rock Star and when I moved to Chicago in 2008-2011, I got to have her as a teacher and even got to perform with her a couple of times. In a recent visit to Chicago, she was kind enough to sit down with me and talk about:

  • marraige,
  • divorce,
  • raising a kid as a single parent,
  • losing a dear friend,
  • Chris Farley,
  • the improv Guru Del Close,
  • dating UCB founder Matt Besser,
  • marrying the new love of her life who was a long time friend,
  • ex Saturday Night Live writer Michael McCarthy,
  • Joan Rivers death,
  • Jay Leggett,
  • improv and
  • so much more!!!


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