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EJ Podcast #063 with Charlie Cox

Below is the next “Scratch the Surface” EJ Podcast. EJ has as his guest today Daredevil’s Charlie Cox.

Charlie Cox and EJ Scott

Charlie Cox can be seen this April 10, 2015 as the title character of Marvel’s “Daredevil” for Netflix.

Daredevil is a 13 episode show that starts a 60 episode arc crossing over some of Marvel’s more street level heroes. Daredevil is a blind superhero with special abilities. Charlie was also on HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” for two seasons, in the Oscar nominated “The Theory of Everything,” he has worked with Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Clare Danes, Ricky Gervais, Steve Buscemi, and Kelly MacDonald.

I bring in my girlfriend, Deborah Ann Woll, who plays Karen Page in Daredevil and they both talk about working on the show and with each other.

Charlie Cox, EJ Scott and Deborah Ann Woll

Ej and Charlie talk about:

  • his start in acting at boarding school,
  • his terrible singing,
  • whether or not he is from distinguished lineage,
  • his audition process for getting on Daredevil.
  • why he is hesitant to being on social media,
  • how he’s handing the spotlight of leading a show
  • and so much more!!



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  1. A fantastic interview I love it could listen to it over and over 🙂 Especially love hearing the Boardwalk stuff and how he got into it as I’m Irish thats very cool

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