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EJ Podcast #075 with Chris Hardwick

On this latest “Scratch the Surface” podcast, EJ has as his guest Chris Hardwick. Chris is a jack of all trades. He is a host, writer, stand-up comic, producer, author, gamer, podcaster, musician, and much much more!


Ej and Chris talk about:

  • his start on Singled Out, his sing off with Tom Cruise at San Diego Comic Con,
  • his sobriety and how Jon Stewart’s Daily Show helped him reach his “bottom”,
  • the possibility of marriage someday,
  • his parents divorce as a child,
  • moving around,
  • being picked on growing up,
  • Hard n Phirm,
  • how he started “Nerdist” and how that has grown into a large brand and how Legendary partnered up with him,
  • Marilyn Manson’s unusual appearance on Talking Dead,
  • how he’s a really good bowler,
  • religion,
  • his relationship with Wil Weaton,
  • selling TV shows,
  • how he helped me years ago be a part of a few fundraising events for charity,
  • and we talk so much more!!!


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