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EJ Podcast #089 with Daredevil’s Charlie Cox

Below is the next “Scratch the Surface” EJ Podcast.

EJ has as his guest today Daredevil star, Charlie Cox.  This is EJ’s second podcast with Charlie and he returns to “Scratch the Surface” to cover some ground we didn’t get to last time.


Ej and Charlie talk about:

  • a lot about season 1 of Daredevil because the last time he was on it was before the show came out.
  • about Comic Cons,
  • how his life has changed,
  • religion,
  • what he’s like to date and what he likes in a woman,
  • Vincent D’Onofrio,
  • Scott Glenn,
  • Rosario Dawson,
  • comic books,
  • Black Widow,
  • Elden Henson,
  • Drew Goddard,
  • The Martian and so much more!!!

Had a great time talking with the great Charlie Cox.


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  1. Thank you so much for another wonderful interview I love your podcasts especially with my favourite star Charlie Cox 🙂 Pls dont leave it too long before you both do another one. Thanks again x

  2. Lovely podcast I throughly enjoyed it and thought it was just listening to two good chums talk was wonderful. Charlie Cox is my favourite star and it was a treat. Please keep hi exclusive on podcast 🙂

  3. great podcast. the interview was really great and i really liekd how you fanboy about s1 of Daredevil.
    Oh man it’s hard to hear about what you are going through. I hope you get to run all the marathons and raise all the money you can.
    Best of luck and i cant wait to hear the enxt iterviews with the cast s2 looks pretty good.
    I hope you get everyone Elden, Deborah, Jhon, Elodie to do a podcast.

  4. Another great job EJ! Charlie seems happy and settled. Loved hearing your plans for the future re: your marathons and all the charities you are supporting…Best of luck to you. I will keep on listening and spread the word.

  5. Thanks for another great podcast with Charlie Cox. Have just listened to both your podcasts this week as I’ve been re-watching the series again for the 3rd time. The notification of your 2nd podcast appeared on my news feed this week so I’ve been introduced to a new and wonderful world of podcasts with the characters. Amazing job … Great interviews which are super interesting. Thanks again.

  6. Hello:

    I have a site dedicated to Charlie and would love to post this and the other interview with him on my site. I was wondering if I could get permission from you to do so. I’ve loved Deborah since her Jessica Hamby days on “True Blood” and through that became a huge fan. I came to “Daredevil” because of her and luckily found Charlie. So thank you Deborah. Love her as Karen and am hoping great things for her. EJ, thanks for such a great show.


      1. Thanks so much. The site is relatively new, but I’m hoping Charlie’s fans will listen and I’ll link back to this site.

        Take care.

  7. What a great podcast! Just listened while drawing some stuff for university. So casual, interesting, funny, lovely and full of good vibes, just two guys chatting and fanboying over one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. Thank you EJ! Great work. Looking forward for more of these!

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