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EJ Podcast #090 with Desi Lydic

Below is the next “Scratch the Surface” EJ Podcast with Desi Lydic. 

EJ Says:

Desi Lydic was 38 weeks pregnant when I talked to her for this podcast, and that was a week or two ago. So she is due with her first child any second. She’s also one of the new on air correspondents for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. I’ve known Desi for a long time through the improv world and we talk about that world, along with how she got The Daily Show gig, which took some doing.

EJ Scott and Desi Lydic
EJ, Desi and her dog doing a 5k walk together several years ago.
This is a pic of EJ with Desi from the old iO improv days. Possibly 2006 or 2007.

Ej and Desi talk about:

  • we talk being raised in Kentucky,
  • having a baby,
  • moving,
  • MTV’s Awkward,
  • working with Leslie Nielsen, Matt Damon, director Cameron Crowe,
  • doing a 5k walk with me several years ago,
  • and much more!!!

It was a great talk and a fun time catching up with Desi.

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