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EJ Podcast #091 with Geoffrey Cantor

Below is the next “Scratch the Surface” EJ Podcast. EJ has as his guest today Geoffrey Cantor who plays Ellison on Netflix’s series, “Daredevil.”


Geoffrey Cantor and EJ talk about:

EJ Says:

Geoffrey Cantor and I first met last year at a bowling alley for Marvel’s Daredevil wrap party. He’s a nice guy with a surplus of energy. He was kind enough to come over and talk with me about

  • pets,
  • dogs,
  • kids,
  • marriage,
  • teaching/coaching,
  • how he met his wife,
  • theater,
  • West Side Story,
  • his parents,
  • being Jewish,
  • being picked on as a kid,
  • moving around a lot while growing up,
  • auditioning for Daredevil with a shoulder he broke that day,
  • working with Vondie Curtis Hall,
  • his characters backstory that no one else knows,
  • and his possible future on Daredevil,
  • plus so much MORE!!!

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