EJ Scott has made his fundraising goal for 2012!

A huge sigh of relief and a big “Hip, Hip Hooray” for EJ Scott!  He has not only reached, but has surpassed his 2012 fundraising goal.

See EJ’s comment below:

I’m excited to announce that enough numbers are in and I have SURPASSED my $144,000 goal for 2012. A HUGE thanks to the KING family in Chicago for their amazing fundraiser that raised over $25,000. INCREDIBLE!!! The next goal? To raise $1 million for Dr Jean Bennett in Philly for the clinical trials. It’ll probably take longer than a year. And of course a huge thanks to everyone that has donated. I hope you will continue to help me. We are on our way to a cure for my eye disease that runs in my family. You’re not only helping me but also my 2 little nephews and my not so little brother. And the thousands around the world with CHM and the millions with retinal conditions.


What a feat this is, and he and all who participated should be very proud of a “job well done.”  You can still give to help save EJ’s sight, and so many other who suffer from this disease by clicking on the button below and donating.

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  1. Hi EJ,

    I just wanted to congratulate you on you marathons and fundraising. I too run and do triathlons to raise $$ for a health issue I have… Lyme disease. I wanted to offer you 2 things. If you ever want to delve into the triathlon world, I am a registered nurse and USA triathlon certified coach and I would love to work with you. Yes… We do have triathletes with vision deficits and without sight! I am presently a 10ish minute miler and should you ever want to run a marathon and need someone to run with you… I would be honored to be your guide. Not sure if I am your speed. But if I am… Look me up! My website it if you wanna find out about me! I think you ate amazing and hope our athletic paths cross one day! Best wishes!
    Caryn “CJ” Jaffe, RN

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