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Win an Amazing True Blood Season 4 DVD with 28 Signatures

EJ Scott has a terrific, once in a lifetime, True Blood Season 4 DVD being raffled off on Crowdrise RIGHT NOW! Don’t miss out!


Next year, in 2016 EJ is running a marathon blindfolded on each continent in the world hoping to raise $500,000 for multiple charities including Choroideremia, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autism, Rett Syndrome, North Shore Animal League, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, mental health, Tourettes, Cancer. Please feel free to browse the charities chosen and start giving right away. The money raised for the raffle will go to the cost of the marathons.  

Enter as often as you wish!  The winner will be chosen on September 13, 2015. It’s easy to enter:

Enter to win here:

Watch the video below where EJ and Deb tell you all about this DVD:

This Season 4 DVD is signed by almost every person ever connected with True Blood and you’ll probably never get another chance for such a fabulous collector’s item to be yours.

DVDS4front dvds4back
Front of DVD Back of DVD


  • $10 = 1 entry ($20 = 2 entries, etc)
  • $50 = 6 entries ($60 = 7 entries, etc)
  • $100 = 13 entries ($110 = 14 entries, etc)
  • Deborah will personalize for the winner; any name they want.
  • The winner will be chosen at random by DEBORAH on video and posted on Facebook and Twitter. We will write all the entries names on tickets and put them in a hat or a bowl, mix them up and choose at random.
  • WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!! We will ship for FREE. Please enter often we will choose a winner September 13, 2015.

28 Cast and crew SIGNATURES!!!!

  • DEBORAH ANN WOLL – Jessica Hamby
  • JOE MANGANIELLO – Alcide Herveaux
  • STEPHEN MOYER – Bill Compton
  • KRISTIN BAUER van STRATEN – Pam De Beaufort
  • ADINA PORTER – Lettie Mae Thornton
  • GREGG DANIEL – Reverend Daniels
  • BRIAN BUCKNER – Writer/ producer all 7 years (show runner seasons 6 and 7)
  • GREGG FIENBERG – Executive Producer all 7 seasons and director in season 7
  • NATHAN PARSONS – James (season 7)
  • RILEY SMITH – Keith
  • CRAIG CHESTER – writer
  • AMELIA ROSE BLAIRE – Willa Burrell
  • BAILEY NOBLE – Adilyn Bellefleur
  • DALE RAOUL – Maxine Fortenberry
  • PATRICIA BETHUNE – Jane Bodehouse
  • MICHAEL MCMILLIAN – Reverend Steve Newlin
  • LAUREN BOWLES – Holly Cleary
  • LUCY GRIFFITHS – Nora Gainesborough
  • RUTINA WESLEY – Tara Thornton
  • RYAN KWANTEN – Jason Stackhouse
  • SAM TRAMMELL – Sam Merlotte
  • NELSAN ELLIS – Lafayette Reynolds
  • ROB KAZINSKI – Macklyn Warlow/ Ben Flynn
  • CARRIE PRESTON – Arlene Fowler
  • CHRIS BAUER – Andy Bellefleur
  • ASHLEY HINSHAW – Brigette

Please also tell your friends and family on social media to help EJ get the word out.

Enter to win here:

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