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You can help EJ raise funds for Choroideremia, just click on the button below.

Learn more about EJ’s quest to raise funds to cure Choroideremia by watching this PSA video:

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    Wanted to donate (so excited about those haircuts by the way), but this is all I am finding. Let me know when I can give!
    Great show tonite, thank you!


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      August 30, 2012

      Shelby, the button is now in place on the site in many places. You can also find it now above in this page..


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    October 14, 2012

    I cannot donate at this moment, but (fingers crossed) I have a very promising job interview in a couple of days. Once I have a pay check, I’ll be back. I admire both of you, E.J. for your commitment to a cause and a task you have set for yourself, and Deborah Ann for the humanity you bring to an inhuman character as an actor.


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    This is really the fourth blog, of your blog I really read through.
    Nonetheless I enjoy this particular 1, “DONATE – EJ Scott” the best.
    Thanks -Norma


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