Deborah Ann Woll

Support Choroideremia Research via Giving Works Deborah Ann Woll

eBay Giving Works is a program that helps sellers list items on eBay to benefit nonprofit organizations and now there is a Deborah Ann Woll account to support the Choroideremia Research Foundation. Because charitable fundraising is a highly regulated area subject to numerous state and federal laws, eBay has created very specific guidelines for allowing charitable solicitations. eBay Giving Works listings stand out with a nonprofit icon eBay Giving Works icon. The nonprofit is also described in the listing. Nonprofit listings receive additional visibility through specialized search functionality.

The Giving Works Deborah Ann Woll  page allows you to make a donation directly to the Choroideremia Research Foundation or, if you have an eBay account, you can click the button to mark the page as ” My Favorite charity” to show your support!  EJ’s auctions will be seen there as well as any other auctions that support the CRF!  We’ve also provided a link to this Giving Works site in the site’s sidebar on the right.

Thanks for your support! giving

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