EJ Scott Going to Chicago to Run His 10th Marathon and Put on a Show

CHICAGO!! Im coming your way next week to run a marathon, to put on a show, and to give out …

Video of EJ Scott’s Marathon # 3 – Los Angeles, California March 18, 2012

On March 18, 2012, EJ Scott ran his third Marathon in Los Angeles, California. The marathon started just after 7 …

Video of EJ Scott’s Marathon #2 in Austin Texas – February 19, 2012

This video includes Marathon #2 in Austin, TX completed February 19, 2012. The video includes my family, Marion Scott, Kevin …

Dayton is Done! EJ Scott Runs Fasted Time.

Yesterday, EJ Scott completed his 9th marathon in Dayton, Ohio and he ran his best time. Here’s what EJ said …

EJ Scott Marathon #9 in Dayton, Ohio Saturday

Dayton Marathon

If you live in the Dayton, Ohio area, be sure to go see EJ Scott run his ninth marathon this Saturday, September 15.

Deborah Ann Woll auctions off her True Blood shoes for the CRF

EJ Scott continues the online garage sale to raise funds for the Choroideremia Research Foundation. Deborah Ann Woll has also put her shoes up for auction.

Official Clip from EJ’s First Marathon in Phoenix, Arizona

Here is footage from EJ'S marathon back in January. I ran in Phoenix, Arizona. HERE IT IS! Marathon 1 of 12. ARIZONA!! See me getting my physical then.

Winner has been chosen for the Alexander Skarsgård Cut out

EJ and Deborah Ann Woll have announced the winner of the Alexander Skarsgård cut out that was signed by most …

Help EJ Scott Reach His Goal

EJ Scott is working hard to reach his goal and will be releasing a new clip each week leading up to my final race in Las Vegas on December 2, 2012.

Blind runner runs to find a cure for disease that stole his sight

blind runner

EJ Scott was interviewed by Deseret News after his Marathon in Utah which he ran in July. He is scheduled …

EJ at Improv Underground Fundraiser in Idaho Falls, Idaho

On Thursday night, August 23, 2012, EJ was in Idaho Falls, Idaho at the Improv Underground Fundraiser for Choroideremia.

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